We Create Local Solutions to Your Global Vision

Immcon GmbH International as a real estate service provider is primarily engaged in the development, sales, tenancy and consultancy of residential,
commercial and investment property projects in Austria. 

Foreign investors are looking for opportunities to invest significant amounts of money into Austrian market with a particular focus on real estate as an asset class.
Austria’s real estate market is considered as increasingly attractive with promising outlook. Increasing population, extremely low interest rates, low borrowing costs and
growing confidence in the economic development contribute to growing demand, prices and undersupply on the real estate market. 

Most of the properties in the portfolio of Immcon GmbH International are located in prime locations with high value and investment potential.
We can offer mixed-use portfolio of asset types combining land parcels, commercial properties such as offices, residential and investment property projects.
The company has an expertise and experience on the Austrian market to perform analysis to recognize the potential of new investment opportunities to
deliver value for national and international investors.

Among clients of Immcon GmbH International there are private and commercial investors, wealth funds as well as institutional investors looking for
opportunities with attractive rates of return on high-quality property investments with stead cash inflows, lower risk and diversification of the source of capital.

Immcon GmbH International benefits from experts with wide-ranging knowledge, established network and understanding of local real estate markets
and business environment.

All of this makes us the ideal partner for property investments for international investors.
For more information please contact our managers at International Desk.